DC Reactor made of Si-Fe Magnetic Powder Core, Rated Current 150A

DC Reactor made of Si-Fe Magnetic Powder Core, Rated Current 150A

Descriptionof DC Choke:

Iron Silicon DC reactor is made of Si-Fe Magnetic Powder Core.

Iron Silicon DC reactor:
Rated current:100-1000A;
Switching Frequency:10K-1000Khz.

About Si-Fe Magnetic Powder Core:

Si-Fe Magnetic Powder Core is made from 94% Fe and 6% Si. It is named XFlux by Magnetics and MegaFlux by CSC. It has a saturation flux density of 16000Gs and excellent DC-Bias characteristics. Its core loss is lower than Iron Powder Cores and have no problem of Thermal Aging. It is specially suitable for applying in, High Current Power Choke, Power inductor for energy storage, PFC Chockes and so on. It is also widely applied in solar, wind energy, hybrid powered vehicles.

Standard of DC Choke:

GB 1094.6-2011、JB/T 9644-1999、JB 5346-1998、JB 9644-1999

Features of DC Choke:

1) Excellent temperature stability
2) Lower magnetic loss than iron powder core products
3) High Bmax of 16000 Gauss
4) Good DC bias performance
5) Low magnetostriction
6) 100% Lead(Pb)-free and RoHS compliant

of DC Choke:

1) online noise filter(PFC)
2) Pulse flyback transformer
3) Power factor correction
4) Power output inductor for switching mode power supply
5) AC/DC filter
6) Power inductor for energy storage(solar power, wind power,etc)
7) Power inductor for military & industrial purpos

Cores Si-Fe Magnetic Powder
Nominal voltage range(V) 300-1000
System Voltage(KV) 0.4
Operating frequency 1-10kHz
Nominal Current range(A) 150

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