Rotary Rheostats 75W(Adjustable Resistor,variable resistor)

Rotary Rheostats 75W(Adjustable Resistor,variable resistor)

Description of  Rotary Rheostats:

Rotary Rheostats, like potentiometers, are generally used in applications that demand variable control for higher amounts of voltage. As a result of the reduction of size and power consumption in many of today's electrical devices, rheostats, are not as frequently found in commercial and industrial products. Rheostats, in large, have been replaced by potentiometers, triacs and SCRs. However, rheostats are still commonly used for applications requiring a large amount of current or high voltage. Common utilization of rheostats include light dimmers, motor speed regulators, arc lamps, pumps, fans, respirators, x-ray devices and medical apparatus.
Resistance Range:1Ω-50KΩ
Power Range:20W-1KW

Key Features of  Rotary Rheostats:

1. Long term high stability;
2. Mechanical stop;
3. Final diconnection;
4. Intermediary tap;
5. Non-resistive winding bank

Special designs and accessories  of  Rotary Rheostats:

1. Zero position;
2. Locking device;
3. Screw driver slot;
4. Different shaft length;
5. Centre tap;
6. Reduced tolerance;
7. Sector winding

Application  of  Rotary Rheostats:

Residential: Home appliances,like light,oven,fan,blenders;
Industrial:Used in automation to control motor speed and current;
Test Function: Provide reference resistance value,used as a variable load or a current limit resistor;
Others: Precautions must be taken so that the current does not exceed the maximum allowed value, particularly when therheostat is used as a variable load:the low ohmic value at the end of the wiper travel may lead to high currents. This is usually done with a serial current limiting resistor, which can be either an external resistor or a part of the resistance winding which is kept out of the wiper travel by a mechanical stop.

IP Class IP00
Power range (W) 75

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