SIKES Photovoltaic Transformers Facilitated Hong Kong PV power generation

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As the global ecological environment continues to deteriorate, it is extremely urgent to phase out highly polluting energy sources, and increase the proportion of green energy sources. Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source. With the support of the government,  Solar Electric System in Hong Kong is flourishing. 


Grid-tied Solar Electric System generates electricity for home and business, and route the excess power into the electric utility grid. Meanwhile,  this process produces problems  such as harmonics, flicker, DC bias and over-voltage, etc. Designed for the high requirements in Hong Kong, SKS PV Isolation Transformer enjoys popularity among businesses in this region with its high efficiency, low inrush current, low temperature rise, low noise, anti-corrosion characteristics, long service life and short delivery time.  As of the end of March 2020, the total installed capacity of SIKES PV Isolation Transformers in Hong Kong reached 4MW.


Fanling,  Hongkong: 1.1MW
The Hong Kong Park of a world-renowned entertainment company: 1.8MW
Towngas: 0.6MW
A spraying factory in Wang Chau, Yuen Long : 0.2MW
Other: 0.3MW


Fanling Warehouse


Futura Plaza


Tai Shu Ha West Road Warehouse


Tsing Yi Industrial Building


A spraying factory in Wang Chau, Yuen Long


Westin Centre

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